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The Monkey Live Music Awards 2019

We all know our area of West Yorkshire has a very high standard of live music - from solo artists to 8 piece bands, cover bands and original music exclusive & everything in between... Well now we've got the opportunity to get them recognised through the Monkey LMA's...

Below is a description of each nominated category, what we need is your choice of who should be in that group. You have until Sunday 6th January 2019 to have your selection added to the categories before voting opens to find a winner on Monday 7th January.

We know some bands are too shy and unassuming to nominate themselves, so we're opening it to the public too to have them put forward... They can also be nominated in more than one category if they perform in different line ups/covers/original etc.

Simply fill in the box below with your name, email, in the subject put the category you want to nominate for and in the message tell us who your nominated act/band/person is.

Each nominee must agree to have a video uploaded to our YouTube page for us to manage the voting process - if a video isn't available, an audio track is fine which we will add a photo/band logo to. 

Nominations: (CLOSES SUN 6th JAN 2019 - the TOP 6 in each category are guaranteed a spot)

Best Solo Act - Says it on the tin... Solo acts only, can be regular performers with a band but must also perform solo & have done a minimum of 4 gigs in 2018 and be nominated in their solo stage name.

Best Duo - Must have performed a minimum of 4 gigs within 2018, can perform as part of a larger band or as a solo act too but this is to reflect their ability as a duo act. 

Best Cover Band - Must have performed a minimum of 4 gigs within 2018, can perform their own music also, but this is solely to acknowledge their ability covering other artists music - no limitation in style (soft rock, metal, rock & roll, garage... you name it, we'll ensure it's recognised!)

Best Original Band - Must have performed a minimum of 4 gigs within 2018, can perform cover music also, but this is solely to acknowledge their own music.

Act/Band of the Year - This category will open with the winners of each of the above and voting will take place on the website. 

Contribution to Local Music - We know there's a lot of hard working landlords/ladies out there putting a lot into local music. there's people who put in a lot of time and effort to making the local music heard, sound techs, crew, festival organisers, charity music event organisers, agents, managers, roadies, individuals who simply go out of their way to help keep music alive... Shout them up here!

Best Local Venue - Differing from the Contribution to Local Music, this category is for the venues themselves that you've had your best gig/nights out in - can be nominated by the bands, the punters or anyone.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year - This is a special category to get the 'young guns' noticed... If you/they have performed their first live gig in 2018 let's get them nominated - it will also help get them in front of others looking at this awards ceremony and get them booking for 2019


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