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Splash Alley

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Welcome to Splash Alley

Splash Alley was originally formed in 1970.

Barry & Tiny were from The Dingleberrys Show Group.

The Dingleberrys original drummer Andy Greaves had left the band to go professional with The Dave Lee Sound.

Brian Glover had also decided to retire from playing and would continue as the bands manager.

Barry Crossley who had been playing lead guitar with The Charmers took Brians place in the band.

Allen Hepworth joined the band from Dave Sherwood & The Foresters and took over on drumming duties.

The difficulty was "How to choose a new name for the band?"

It was decided that each member of the band would be given three slips of paper 
They would write one word on each slip and these would placed in a bag (we didn't have a hat) and drawn out to decide a name. 
The first word drawn out was "Cabbage", this was followed by the word "Alley" and then the word "Splash". 
After some shuffling of the words the name "Splash Alley Cabbage" was decided on. 
Yes we know its a somewhat strange name but it could have been much worse judging by some of the words that were left in the bag.

The name suited the bands style which was a comedy showband who played Beatles, Four Seasons and other music of that era on the working mens club scene, 
Would you believe that the band were kitted out in GREEN stage suits (Well the colour goes well with Cabbage)

After a couple of years Barry Crossley left to join another band and until a replacement could be found Barry,Tiny & Allen played as a trio for a while under the name of "SHY TOT". 
This name was chosen as a joke and it was always good for a laugh when the concert chairman at a working mens club announced

"ladies and gentlemen your group for tonight are Shite hot" 

Willie Fenton then joined the band from Mike Sager & The Cresters and the comedy part of the show was dropped. 
The band then concentrated on covering a wide range of music from bands of the 60s & 70s. 
The "Cabbage" part of the bands name was also dropped along with the Green suits and the band became Splash Alley

The Contact Telephone Number is

07963 162008

Our Email Address is


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