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Live Music in West Yorkshire

Focusing on Live Music in Huddersfield, Halifax and surrounding areas, we are committed to delivering a weekly gig's list in one place so you can focus on the important part of the job... Planning your weekend of live music, we're being vocal to support your local... 

Monkey GigsList has always been, and will always be 100% free to the public and you will find all your gigs on our What's On pages for you to plan - Bands we have a great service for £10 A YEAR to have your own webpage so you don't have to fund your own website (like we have to lol) and Venues we can do anything from solo promo events at £20 a time, to an annual pass for £150 which will get you seen by almost a hundred thousand people per week through our web and social channels...

At both our website, Monkey GigsList and our father company, Red Cape Solutions, we are big supporters of Live Music

facebook banner.png
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