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This is your chance to help make the Monkey Gigs List something iconic...

We're asking you for £5 a month to help us provide the best possible service - but that's a serious amount of cash over the year we hear you say, so what do you get in return - Well let me knock your socks off with this package:

Supporters Package - £5 per month

 * Monkey Birthday Card sent to your house for the big day

 * Monkey Christmas Card cause you're now on our Christmas Card List

 * Supporters Tee - 'Staying Local' tee

Want to get involved - get signed up by the end of October below through paypal. Don't have paypal, drop us an email on the contact us and we'll sort out bank payments.


Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

HMP is part of the Red Cape group.

Fortress of Solitude, 

Birkhouse Lane, Huddersfield, HD4 5AD.

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