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A service such as this doesn't happen by itself - it takes on average 10 hours per week simply to collate info, create the gigs lists and to schedule the posts. We want to increase this to provide a stronger service to the venues, the bands and you guys.

For a venue, it's simple to come on board - simply sign up to the Supporter's Package. There's no fixed term contract, if you don't feel the £20 inc VAT per month is worth it for you, you can walk away at any point... no hard feelings - but with nearly a quarter of a million impressions EVERY WEEK we're sure you'll want to stay.

For a band, just drop us a line - to get your own page on the site, it costs £10 a year. Send us the info you want on, photos and video and we will ensure you get seen by the venues. Those bands already on the old website, you'll be added for free until 31/12/2017 then asked to chip in.

For the public, we've got the donate button - it's simply for a pint, £3 (yes we know it's almost impossible to get a pint for £3 these days but we'll manage it) every donation will go to a member of the team for a well earned beer and we'll ring the 'tip' bell! There's also a supporter's package which we are putting the finishing touches to over the next week so keep your eyes peeled.


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