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Monkey GigsList has been changing the way people organise their weekends entertainment since August 2014.

By working with the bands and pubs in Kirklees & Calderdale area we promote their live gigs, and allow you the time to plan your leisure time in advance.

A list of the forthcoming live gigs, will be published on our facebook page and website every Thursday for that weekends gigs on a weekly basis. We are talking all musicians from cover and original bands to jam & Acoustic nights, you'll never not know who's playing and where again.

Local venues, Local Live music and Local people.

The GigsList was created because "if you didn't know the band or didn't know the venue, you didn't know it was going on". We were tired of seeing local pubs and clubs closing down, and was hoping to get this service out wide around the local area of Kirklees and Calderdale we can start getting people realising "if you don't use your local, you lose your local!"

The venues and musicians are doing so much to allow you all to have a fantastic weekend watching the best local bands around.

So people "every local is your local" right from now, get out supporting live music, local venues and meet local people for right great night out.

As with many great ideas, there comes a cost - and with the sites creator that was one of time. Once it got to a point of being too big to carry on as a hobby, it was time to hand over the project to keep it going and Red Cape purchased the site, the profiles and the stress (lol!) in March 2017. 

A fee was introduced in January 2017 by the site's original owner to try to recoup some of the costs, both time and outlay, and in July 2017 Red Cape brought in the final stage of that transition by introducing supporters.


There will always be a FREE gigs list on the website, but you've got to come looking for it - those venues who support Monkey GigsList Live Bands Promotions by signing up to what is effectively a pint a week get shouted about and receive a feature page with other great incentives too.

If you’re a musician playing in our local venues, contact us via inbox us on our Facebook page or a quick email to we will get your gig on the list and your links on this website for people to find you.

Same goes to every Kirklees and Calderdale venue, if you play live music and want to get on our website and weekly gig list, just contact us for a chat, so we can work together to get your live music out there loud and proud every single week.


Check out our support us page with ways to get behind the website & help keep us going too, 


Party on Dudes & Dudettes!

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