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J.B. Goode


Welcome to J.B.Goode!

After a 10 year break, JB Goode burst back onto the rock n roll scene in 2005, with a fresh look, two new band members, and a new exciting set list. Priding themselves in keeping the authentic live sounds of fifties rock n roll music, they quickly re-established themselves back into the rock n roll gigging circuit, and in doing so proved there is a whole lot of shaking, still going on.

Steve Carter started thinking about reforming the band, when his daughter Stef, ( after numerous Jack Daniels! ) picked up a double bass that had been lying around the house for years, and started plunking away at some chuck berry bass lines. 

This sparked something in him, and Steve started to think about reforming the band. They began to jam together, and after a short time, they brought in established musicians Jeff Layton Bennet and his amazing boogie woogie piano, Mac and his kicking drum beats, and J B Goode was soon formed. You can read more about these cats on their individual profile pages ..... In more recent months J.B.Goode have diverged to a 3 piece.

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