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Volume 11


Welcome to Volume 11!

Winners of Hudds got talent 2016. Volume 11 are a rock band formed during RockJam rock band sessions at Ricky's school of rock in Huddersfield.

Band profiles...this week it's Zac...
Zac is a serial lover of guitars, cheese and rock music. When not playng guitar, Zac uses his creative abilities to make more and more outlandish reasons to avoid homework, housework and workwork. Zac's musical influences are the philosopher Matt Bellamby, physicist Jimmy Page and humanitarian Slash.
Zac lives being in volume 11 and would like to thank his hat and shades for getting him this far. 
Next another band member!
Jack started playing the drums when he was 5, and moved onto the bass guitar ( self taught!) about 2 years ago.
Jack would happily spend all day playing or listening to music, or sleeping. Or on his phone, or on the x box, school comes wayyyyyy down the list.
Jack is a crisp addict, and would like it known that walkers are his favourite (!)...
Influenced by Fall out boy, Dave Grohl, Tre Cool, and the bloke who owns the chippy.
Sam Butterfield plays guitar in Volume 11. He describes joining the band as 'the best decision I ever made'. He got his first real six string when he was just 7 years old. His musical inspirations are Angus Young, Slash, Justin Hawkins, Joell O'Keefe and Jimmy Page. Sam may seem quiet in person, but strap a guitar onto him, and his wild side will seem to kick you in the face!
Mikes lurrvs music. If he's not playing it, he's listening to it ,buying it or making it 24/7.
Mikes plays guitar, bass, and sings, he's been deemed 'front man' of the band, but there is 'no I in team' as the song goes!
Mikes' musical influences are Billie Joe Armstrong, Gérard Way, Brendon Ure and Simon Neil.
Mikes other passions are Cats, Pizza, Magic, oh and more Pizza 🙂
And George , on the drums

George is a super talented drummer,he likes Arctic Monkeys,Metallica,and Bring Me The Horizon.
When George is not drumming he is sleeping.He is very lazy! His other passions in life are Art and cooking .

Call :

01484 846838





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