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ColdPlay perform with Selena Gomez on Late Show

After watching Chris Martin stun Jodie Whittaker by having her join him on stage during The Graham Norton Show, and several radio interviews where he invites people to take part in his show, he topped of the week's surprise duets with performing with Selena Gomez on James Corden's show.

Coldplay kicked off their week-long Late Late Show residency on Monday night with a beautiful whisper. Joined by Selena Gomez for the debut TV performance of "Let Somebody Go," their soothing duet from the group's just-released ninth album, Music of the Spheres.

With singer Chris Martin on piano, the band opened as a series of pink bulbs slowly pulsed while Martin and Gomez sang, "to let somebody, to let somebody go."

As Selena stood shrouded in the shadows, Martin gently sang about an endless love that he thought would last forever ("I loved you to the moon and back again"), only to see it slip away. Gomez joined in on the second verse, singing, "All the storms we weathered, everything that we went through/ Now without you what on Earth am I to do?"

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