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Smell Like Billie Eillish - Just in time for Christmas!

Is there anything Billie Eilish can't do? Just when you thought the 19-year-old music sensation couldn't check off any more boxes—she has seven Grammys to her name BTW—she went ahead and outdid herself...yet again. Because ya know: touring the world as a teenager, performing at Coachella, breaking Grammy records, being Billboard's youngest woman to be named Woman of the Year, and writing an original song for a James Bond movie (to list a few of her accomplishments) just wasn't enough.

But this time her next big venture isn't in the music space. The singer-songwriter has branched out into beauty and created Eilish—her very own fragrance that legit smells like a warm, loving hug. Straight up.

Perfume has always been a constant love in Billie's life, so it's really not shocking that she decided to make one of her own. Though it was also her synesthesia (when you experience a sense through another sense) that played a part in her interest in designing a fragrance, she told Cosmo. "I was chasing this idea of this ambery color, this dark brown caramelized thing. I wanted it to feel cozy, almost like the word November. This brown word and month—almost like tree bark," she described.

After a lot of hard work, she was able to capture that warm, cozy vision through scent. Eilish opens with fruity aromas, unfolds with soft spices, rich cocoa, and creamy vanilla, and has base notes of warm musk, tonka bean, and sleek wood. If you're into both sweet and earthy scents, Eilish is for you—it's truly THE perfect mix of floral and woodsy notes. The ingredients in the perfume are clean and 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free too. Oh, but it gets BETTER. Ahem, two words: the bottle. See this beaut in all its glory for yourself...

Billie chose the bottle to highlight the upper part of the body—specifically the chest, neck, and collarbone—because they're her favorite parts. "What I love so much about them, is that they are so naturally beautiful without having to show anything. That’s what I have always thought was so stupid about schools, where girls can’t show their shoulders. Everybody, no matter your gender, those body parts are just beautiful," she told Cosmo.

And since Eilish was quite literally born from Billie's senses, it only felt right (and on-brand, TBH) to find out which one of her songs her fragrance would be. After a bit of thought, she told Cosmo it'd be her hit "listen before i go." "'listen before i go' color-wise is exactly what the fragrance is to me," she revealed. "Lyrically, it's not about jumping off a building. The feeling of that song and the color of that song is very much what I associate with this scent," she said. Once you get your hands on this gem, you'll know exactly what song Billie thinks of when she gets a whiff of it. We love an intimate moment!

Eilish isn't out just yet unfortunately, but it'll be available for purchase in November... Just in time for Xmas! So keep your eyes peeled! It will be sold exclusively at for $68.

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