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Dua Lipa's Team aim to find a Force for Eurovision '22 as they team up with the BBC

The BBC has joined forces with management agency TaP Music to help find the UK's entrant for next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The move comes amid the UK's ongoing woes in the annual competition which saw this year's entrant James Newman become the first act ever to earn zero points from both the professional juries and the viewing public.

TaP Music manages some of the UK's biggest acts from recent years - including Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding - and as part of the deal they will be involved in selecting both the artist and the song to fly the flag for the UK in Turin next May.

The plight has the backing of music legend Sir Elton John, who said: "There aren't many televised events that are as big and global as Eurovision, so it's a wonderful opportunity for us to remind the world yet again of the depth and diversity of our talent. I can't wait to see what gems our friends at Tap Music will unearth."

Dua Lipa added: "I'm a proud Brit whilst also being a proud Kosovan. I'm happy to lend my manager to the cause. I'll be cheering them on!"

Ben Mawson, co-founder of TaP, said: "We're really excited to be teaming up with the BBC for this event and will use Eurovision to authentically reflect and celebrate the rich, diverse and world-class musical talent the UK is globally renowned for.

"For many years, we've witnessed the United Kingdom not doing as well as we would have liked, when pop music is something we usually excel at.

"The simple fact is it's time to show what we can do and reveal the wonderful musical talent we have. Ultimately we can't blame politics."

The final of the 2022 contest will be held on May 14 in Turin.

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