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Honey, We're Home...

Yes it's been a while, for all of us, and music has been back for a short time since the horrid years of 2020 and early 2021.

Behind the scenes we've been working hard - many of our reader's know that it takes almost a full day to collate the gigslist and get it out to you and we simply don't have the resources at the minute... and there's always 'one or two' who don't submit the gig until you post the list so they get theirs noticed - this way, everyone gets seen, no one is late and no one's date, start time or venue are wrong.

So we're making it as easy as we possibly can - if you've a gig to tell us about, go here -

This creates a profile for you, and you can then submit one gig or a hundred gigs (or more) and you'll always be remembered so if you only submit one every Christmas you'll only have to sign up the first time... no hassles, no complications and its FREE.

Then as normal every Thursday we will announce the Gigslist and the world will be a brighter place.

Spread the word, the GigsList is back and remember, as Daz says, Supermarkets Don't Do Bands!

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