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The Vamp herself is coming to Huddersfield

When Wendy James launched her 5th solo album back in May 2020, it was supposed to be followed by a UK wide tour - We all know what happened next but like many artists Wendy had to reschedule her tour not once, twice but three times

Wendy reflecting on events of the past year or so says, “The venues, who’ve been under extraordinary pressure to stay afloat, were inundated with every single band rescheduling! But! We did it… Thank you to the venues, the promoters and of course thank you to the National Health Service, my love to anyone and everyone who has lost someone to this pandemic, thank you to you all for getting vaccinated and helping open our collective lives again!”

Now that the tour has finally been allowed to happen, Wendy is completing the last of nearly a thirty date tour covering every where from Norwich to Paisley and everywhere in between culminating in a gig at The Parish, Huddersfield on Saturday 2nd October.

The Wendy James Band does tip a nod to those classic hits when Wendy fronted Transvision Vamp as well as incorporating her solo hits and the latest album (albeit 18 months old now) Queen High Straight, Wendy said “Overall, my taste and style have not changed with time,” Wendy says. “The music that excites me now, ultimately, is the same as when I was starting out songwriting and back through my days in Transvision Vamp. I continue to marvel at Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground. I continue to be blown away by The Stooges. I continue to be everlastingly enthralled by Bob Dylan, but of course, the older one gets the more one discovers and I am now informed more cohesively and fully by all the music, new and old, which settles into my consciousness.”

We for one are grateful for Mikey down at The Parish for pulling off such a coup as bringing Wendy to Huddersfield, tickets are still available here The Parish, Huddersfield - Gigs ( for you to give Wendy a proper Yorkshire send off to her tour...

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